Throwback Thursday- Bridgeford Cottage Colony Postcard

     This aerial postcard of the Bridgeford Cottage Colony on East Lake Drive came into the Archives with the one cottage already circled, a message from a guest to the addressee, “this is where we stayed!” Edwin Bridgeford owned this cozy group of cottages, advertised as “Your Country Estate at the Sea Shore.” The Bridgefords lived in Montauk and were active in the East End area; family members appeared regularly in East Hampton Star articles starting in the 1950s.
     Edwin, Jr. advertised his water skiing classes in the Star on July 11, 1963, in a small business card-sized ad with a fancy, fine-line border: WATER SKIING. Expert Instruction or Tow, Standard and Trick Skiing. All ages from 6 to 60. If you can walk you can learn to ski. Taught by Edwin W. Bridgeford, Jr., located at Bridgeford Cottage Colony, 1 to 5 rooms, East Lake Drive.” The blonde man in the photograph at the top left could be Edwin, Jr. His stance conveys the ease of an instructor teaching a new student — the young woman to his right, for example — in this beautiful, watery classroom known as Lake Montauk.


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    Peter Rogers Reply

    We stayed there with the whole family in the late 60s early 70s and we had a wonderful time. I learned how to swim there. We also water skied as well. I remember Gibby and his parents were so nice. We would pack all of us parents and 5 kids into a cottage. It was tight but fun. I really miss it and it is sad to see it now but the fond memories will last forever.

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    Mike Reply

    That’s my Mom skiing with Uncle Gibby

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    Carol McDonald Reply

    the best Summer vacation place in the world! the cabin circled is the cabin we always stayed in 🙂

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    Dorothy Kahn Reply

    I remember when the Bridgefords lived in an indigenous tribe tent as they built the cabins and their home

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