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Throwback Thursday – Hither Hills State Park, circa late 1940s

Hither Hills State Park, circa late 1940s. Postcard from the Montauk Library’s Postcard Collection.  The pensive girl in the kerchief and the stone walkway lend a kind of European flavor to this thoughtfully composed image. Andrew Wyeth’s “Christina’s World” also comes to mind. Could the photographer be paying homage to a famous painting? The image,… Read more »

Throwback Thursday- Lathrop Brown Windmill House Postcard

Hand-coloring was often employed on vintage postcards, done by the manufacturer during production.  Like most early postcards, this particular view was originally transferred from a B & W photograph.  However, since postcard buyers would almost always purchase the brighter image, as early as 1902 collotype-printed postcards in B & W would gain a painterly flourish. … Read more »

Throwback Thursday- Panoramic View Postcard

Postcard of The Panoramic View, Inc., Old Montauk Highway      The archives at the Montauk Library holds a rich collection of postcards, many of which represent now-defunct Montauk motels from days gone by. It makes sense that motel owners would have created their own postcards; it was a cheap but ingenious form of advertising…. Read more »

Throwback Thursday- Bridgeford Cottage Colony Postcard

     This aerial postcard of the Bridgeford Cottage Colony on East Lake Drive came into the Archives with the one cottage already circled, a message from a guest to the addressee, “this is where we stayed!” Edwin Bridgeford owned this cozy group of cottages, advertised as “Your Country Estate at the Sea Shore.” The… Read more »