General Programs

Here’s where you’ll find information about theatrical, musical, and family oriented programs happening at the Montauk Library.

Montauk Library Seed Exchange- Seed Collection

Beginning September 27 Bring in seeds from your summer harvest! If you were able to grow and harvest flowers or vegetables, especially if your seeds were from the Montauk Library Seed Exchange, consider donating some of the seeds back to the Seed Exchange for next year’s sustainability. See the Seed Saving Guide for directions on how… Read more »

Twenty Years Later: World Trade Center 9/11

In honor and remembrance of September 11, 2001, we have compiled a list of books, events and resources to mark the twenty year anniversary of this day in history.  Let us move forward in hope and peace.   Events: On September 11 at 12:00pm, Suse Lowenstein will invite members of the public to her home… Read more »

LIVE: Wild Underwater Viewing Cams From Around the World

The Montauk Library has found live stream underwater cams from around the world.  These live cams are not in aquariums but in oceans, rivers and bays around the world showing all creatures in their natural habitat. Please remember, these camera lenses are cleaned by divers with water conditions permitting.  If a cam is dirty, try… Read more »

LIVE: Bird Feeder Cams From Around the World

Winter is here and many of us are watching our bird feeders out the window from the warmth of our homes.  So we thought it would be fun to take a look at live bird feeder cams from around the world.  Enjoy!   1. Ohio This bird feeder is located in Northeast Ohio.  You can… Read more »

Textile Waste: Upcycling Tshirts and Sheets with Pam Peterson

  As modern society moves more to “disposable” clothing and fast fashion, there is a significant impact on our environment.  In this video, local Montauk resident, Pam Peterson demonstrates how to make “yarn” from old sheets and t-shirts.  She then shows some examples of projects you can create with your new yarn.   Ways we… Read more »

Craftmas Time: Easy Gnome Ornament

  Welcome to Montauk Library Craftmas Time! Follow along as Lisa demonstrates how to make this adorable gnome ornament to add to your holiday home! Please show us how YOU did it, email a photo of your project to:  

The Great Give Back 2020

The Montauk Library will be participating in the Great Giveback this year.  Beginning October 3, we will be collecting items for: ARF, The Retreat, Montauk Food Pantry and the Lion’s Club. This year there are a few restrictions on the types of donations.  Organizations are requesting the following: ARF: Cat and dog toys – especially feather wands, cat dancers… Read more »

Celebrate World Penguin Day!

  World Penguin Day is a day of awareness for these amazing creatures.  Penguins spend 75 percent of their life at sea.  They can dive to 1,850 feet, that’s over six football fields!  World Penguin Day is celebrated on April 25 because that is the date the Adelie penguins begin their northward migration in Antarctica…. Read more »