LIVE: Wild Underwater Viewing Cams From Around the World

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The Montauk Library has found live stream underwater cams from around the world.  These live cams are not in aquariums but in oceans, rivers and bays around the world showing all creatures in their natural habitat. Please remember, these camera lenses are cleaned by divers with water conditions permitting.  If a cam is dirty, try back again later. Enjoy!


1.City of Deerfield Beach, Florida
This underwater webcam is located by the pier in Deerfield Beach, Florida.  Look for jellyfish, ray and other interesting fish and sea creatures.


2. Harbor Village, Bonair
This live cam features a coral reef around the Dutch Caribbean island Harbor Village in Bonair. View colorful fish and other interesting sea creatures.

3. Miami, Florida
The Coral City Camera is an underwater camera streaming live from an urban reef environment in Miami, Florida. It is located along the shoreline at the east end of Port Miami in about 9’ (3m) of water. The abundance of fish and marine life makes for a real-life aquarium screensaver to enjoy all day.


4. Cape Fear, North Carolina
This live footage is from beneath the tower located approximately 34 miles seaward of Cape Fear, North Carolina. The tower is an offshore light tower built in 1964 to provide warning to ships that they were nearing shallow shoals, with depths of only 35 to 50 feet.


5. Homosassa Springs State Park, Florida
This underwater camera dives into Homosassa Springs  to open a window into the crystal clear Florida water where Florida’s most beloved aquatic mammal, the West Indian Manatee, swims with a jubilee of fish through crystal clear water.


6. British Columbia, Canada
See for yourself what it looks like when the orcas in British Columbia’s Johnstone Strait take part in the unique behavior called “beach rubbing”. You might also spot seals and many species of fish.

Here is a live arerial view of the water above the “rubbing beach”:


7. Channel Islands, California
This undulating kelp forest off the coast of Anacapa Island is one of a kind.


8. North Carolina
This shark cam is located 34 miles off the coast of North Carolina. You will see many other species of underwater life in addition to shark species.


Remember, any lenses that are dirty will be cleaned by divers when water conditions are favorable.  So, be sure to check back often!

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