Textile Waste: Upcycling Tshirts and Sheets with Pam Peterson


As modern society moves more to “disposable” clothing and fast fashion, there is a significant impact on our environment.  In this video, local Montauk resident, Pam Peterson demonstrates how to make “yarn” from old sheets and t-shirts.  She then shows some examples of projects you can create with your new yarn.


Ways we can reduce textile waste right now:

Buy less

Mend and alter clothing

Upcycle clothing, sheets and towels


Clothing swap with friends

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    Ellen Cohn Reply

    Thank you so much for this video! I’ve made rugs from old socks (rolled like sausages) and old cotton turtlenecks (braided strips), but these tips were very useful: how to join strips of sheeting, and how to cut a T-shirt so that it results in one long, continuous strip. Recently I decided to try a woven rag rug. May I ask how you made your frame?
    Many thanks, again.

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