Throwback Thursday- Fred Trump

Some of his happiest days were spent in Montauk, Mary L. Trump relates in her recent book, Too Much is Never Enough, about her father, Fred Trump, and his family.
Fred C. Trump, the first-born son of Fred Trump, Sr., was expected to take over the family business, but flying was his passion. After guiding his plane into the Montauk Airport and boarding a sport-fishing vessel captained by Harry Clemenz, Fred Trump, Jr., was in his element, as this 417-pound broadbill swordfish photograph attests.
Fred Trump, Jr., had graduated from Lehigh University with a degree in business, but it was flying, not banking, that compelled his heart. He was hired by TWA as a pilot, but felt guilty about not participating in the family business. He was forced to sell his plane; his weekly flights to Montauk stopped. An early death in 1981 at age 42 was attributed to alcoholism. Brother Donald has since expressed regret that his older brother was not allowed to live an authentic life.
Fred Trump Jr. was not cut out for a career in property management. His real estate was the sky, his boardroom the open water. In this photograph that comes from the Harry Clemenz collection, Fred radiates happiness. We sense his feeling of accomplishment. He was 29 years old.

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