Throwback Thursday- Carl Fisher’s Surf Club Aerial View

     Ken Weldon worked from 1963 through the 1980s at the Montauk Beach Company selling real estate. The 1960s were high times for sales in Montauk housing developments like Culloden Shores.
     Some of the maps and paper records used by Ken were donated to the Montauk Library by Ken and Loretta Weldon, as was a group of older photographs of Montauk dating to the 1930s, such as this aerial image focusing on Carl Fisher’s Surf Club. Further back in the picture plane sit the St. Therese of Lisieux Church and, to the east (to the right), the Montauk Community Church.
     If the photographer had taken this picture 70 years later, the Montauk Library would have been included in its visual landscape. The library building is located across the road from the Community Church, an empty lot that was covered with trees in the 1930s. As we prepare in 2020 for construction on Montauk Library’s renovation, this photograph makes us stop and pause. It elicits reflection. We are poignantly reminded of how Montauk, and the Montauk Library, have evolved.
     Ken Weldon had been living in the Westhampton Care Center when he died in April 2020 of the corona virus. Eulogized as a softball pitcher with a legendary arm and eagle eye, that eye can also take credit for recognizing the beauty and significance of aerial views like this one.

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