Throwback Thursday – And Now for Something Completely Different

We’re trying something different for this week’s Throwback Thursday — sharing a photograph from our archives that we don’t know much about and asking for your help in identifying or recollecting the people, places, and stories behind the image. 

What we do know is that this photograph is of a Montauk Community Church variety/talent show, called “Foibles and Follies,” in 1988. It was donated to the Montauk Library by Virginia Barry, who can be spotted leaning forward at far left.

But who is the woman with her hands on Virginia’s shoulders? Who are the other women, in particular the one at the far right standing alone with her hands beneath a boa? And what can be said about talent shows at the church like this one? Were they a regular thing? 

To submit your input, please comment below the blog post here or leave a comment on social media. Otherwise, email and we’ll update the post every few days with your stories.


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    Lucille Reply

    Top left looks like Mrs. Potts. Next to her looks like Mrs. Babcock(Jean Ruggles) and in the front in the dark outfit looks like Mrs. Vilardi.

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    KH Reply

    Could it be Nancy Keegan? Nancy Keeshan?

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    MK Reply

    Hi ,
    Top left is Cybil “Bunny” Tuma. Not sure if she spelled Cybil with a C or an S.

    Hope this helps?

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    PM Reply

    Love that you’re doing all these different, creative things at the library.
    Ex. Throwback Thursday, movie night, game day, chair yoga. Some of which I need to attend.
    To all at the library
    Thank you

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    Claire Sheeran Levin Reply

    Front Row, Second from Left – Mrs. Bea Vilardi.

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