#ThrowbackThursday Wii at the Library!

Last Saturday was really exciting because we finally had our first gaming program at the library! Children were invited to spend the afternoon playing a video game tournament with their friends on our new Nintendo Wii game consoles.

Children who attended got to play Wii on the big screen in the community room!  First, we went over the basics of how to use the controllers safely and what buttons to press to play. Then, we got started! The kids raced each other in Mariokart in groups of four.  Those who weren’t playing cheered their friends, made Lego creations in their downtime or had some snacks while they waited.  Special helpers Emily and Julia assisted me in keeping score. 

After playing Mariokart, we started a Wii Sports Tournament, which included games of bowling and basketball.  After we finished the tournaments, everyone received a certificate of participation and left with a smile on their face.  We can’t wait to host our next gaming afternoon…we hope to have up two screens with two gaming systems going at once! Check out the pictures below and stay tuned for more game afternoons!

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