Throwback Thursday- In Montauk Dear with You

“In Montauk Dear with You” was sung on this particular recording by Lilah Gosman in the late 1980s.

Both Easter and Passover are being celebrated this weekend:  Easter lands on Sunday, April 4th.  Passover began on March 27th and will end on Saturday evening, April 3rd.  In celebration of friends and family members arriving in Montauk to spend the holidays with “dear ones,” we are posting this sheet music song cover, “In Montauk Dear with You,” donated to the Montauk Library by Jo DeStefano.

This relic from the past was written in 1928 by William H. Headley (1882-1955), a composer who created music that also accompanied silent films.  Silent movies depended on music; in fact, sometimes scores were even written for them.  A live theater piano or organ could drown out the loud whirring noise of a motion picture camera, but perhaps more importantly, it guaranteed a heightened response from the audience to the emotions conveyed by the film, a medium that was running without sound.

The recent digitization of many of our oral histories included this song, done to the accompaniment of a piano played by Miloš Repický.  His rendition is wonderfully evocative of the era in which the song was written.  “In Montauk Dear with You” was sung on this particular recording by Lilah Gosman in the early 1990s, according to the label on the original tape cassette.  It was performed in the Montauk Library.  We include it here for your listening enjoyment.

Happy Easter and Happy Passover, everyone!




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