Throwback Thursday- Ann Ostrander Beach Photos 1990

     This week’s Throwback Thursday comes from the Ann Ostrander collection of beach scenes dated 1990. Some of the photographs from the Ostrander collection are single, stand-alone images. Others, such as this page from Ann’s dismantled photo album, contain multiple shots.
     Photo albums and scrapbooks allow the owner to play with creativity, as this page suggests. Upon closer examination of each photograph, it becomes evident that Ostrander artfully arranged the images to experiment with perspective and time. The people in the top left and right photographs appear connected, easily walking back and forth between the two images. The same thing can be said for the two ocean views below.
     Even if these individual photographs were taken on different days at different times, Ostrander has positioned them so cohesively so that our eye unifies the action, making us believe at first glance that the four are part of a large, grander whole. Today we look at them with nostalgia, longing for the carefree recreation enjoyed by these beachgoers in the summer of 1990.

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