The National Circus Project Amazed and Astonished at the Montauk Library!

On Friday, July 24th the Montauk Library had the National Circus Project come and perform for children and families.  Mikey and Lou hosted the show and made the audience members laugh and gasp in amazement at what they could do!

The hosts had a lot of fun with the audience, joking around and explaining to them about the tricks they were doing. They made difficult tricks look effortless and they had everyone laughing throughout the show.

Here, much to Lou’s dismay (and the audience’s delight), Mikey is mimicking her! 

There was juggling…

and plate spinning! Very impressive!

Even some of the children in the audience got involved in the show. They all did a wonderful job spinning plates and tossing them to each other!  Some also tossed pins to Mikey while he was balancing! Montauk kids are so talented!

Mikey and Lou also did crazy tricks and feats involving balance, skill…

and strength (yes, Lou is balancing a table on her chin)!!!
All in all, Mikey and Lou left the Montauk Library audience in awe! Thanks to the National Circus Project for a wonderful performance!

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