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Throwback Thursday – Now Screening

Did you know that Montauk’s first St. Patrick’s Day “parade” took place in 1947, years before the Montauk Friends of Erin was founded? On St. Patrick’s Day 76 years ago, four men decided to take a march down Main Street. They came to rest at what today is Shagwong Tavern (thus initiating a traditional pit… Read more »

Throwback Thursday- St. Patrick’s Day Parade

For the second year in a row, St. Patrick’s Day festivities in Montauk have been cancelled because of COVID.  As we approach one of the most important days on the Montauk calendar, a photograph from the “Before Times” makes looking backwards a thoughtful journey. Herb Herbert donated this picture of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade… Read more »

March Program Spotlight: St. Patrick’s Day Party!

We are looking back on some awesome programs we had in March and one of the standout programs was our St. Patrick’s Day Party! Children and parents had fun celebrating the St. Patrick’s Day holiday at the library by doing a bunch of different activities! Children were encouraged to wear their best St. Patrick’s Day… Read more »