March Program Spotlight: St. Patrick’s Day Party!

We are looking back on some awesome programs we had in March and one of the standout programs was our St. Patrick’s Day Party! Children and parents had fun celebrating the St. Patrick’s Day holiday at the library by doing a bunch of different activities!

Children were encouraged to wear their best St. Patrick’s Day green so that they were in the holiday spirit! Once they arrived, the children used their own imaginations and the supplies provided to build their own leprechaun houses. These houses are similar to gingerbread houses and are made of edible items, including graham crackers, icing, Lucky Charms cereal, and different green and rainbow colored candies.  Kids used small cardboard boxes as a support and built their houses around them so they wouldn’t collapse.  The icing was used as a glue to arrange the graham crackers into a house and once the icing dried, children decorated their houses with candy and cereal. After finishing their leprechaun houses, children made green chocolate covered marshmallows and pretzels and decorated them with green and gold sprinkles.

We had 25 children attend our St. Patrick’s Day Party and we were at maximum attendance capacity. We even had both local papers show up and had pictures featured in their publications the following week.  All- in-all, we had a great time building leprechaun houses, enjoying sweet treats and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day!

Check out the cool creations below!

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