Summer Reading Week 2: Fish Tales

L&E Summer Reading Links | Summer Reading at New York LibrariesThis week it’s all about H2 OH! We’ll dive deep and meet some fantastic finned friends with our wet and wild show, crafts, and special guests. Check out the videos and get ready for some underwater fun. Find all these activities in the MISSIONS section of READSquared. If you haven’t signed up for Summer Reading, click HERE. Have fun!


Week #2: Fish Tales

SHOW DAY: The Ocean’s Got Talent 

We’ve searched the seven seas for some of the ocean’s most talented creatures. Octopus will perform an amazing escape, Mantis Shrimp will prove he’s not just a pretty face, and Angler Fish has an act you’ll definitely want to catch. With all this talent, will Sea Slug be able to shine?

CRAFT DAY: Ocean Scene Prints

With some recycled Styrofoam and water-based markers, you can “print” your own beautiful ocean scene. 

Supply List and Directions Here

AUTHOR DAY: Kate Messner 

The amazing Kate Messner talks to Page Turner about the creatures who live Over and Under the Pond AND Over and Under the Rainforest! 

MASHUP DAY: Coffee Filter Fish

With some water-based markers and a little H2O, coffee filters are transformed into colorful sea creatures. 

Supply List and Directions Here


Yasu is an award-winning performer who combines traditional Japanese theatre, music, origami, magic, and storytelling into one-of-a-kind performances. Yasu will amaze you with stories, then show you how to make your very own origami whale!  

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