Historic Montauk Images

Search historic Montauk images online via the New York Heritage digital collection. You’ll find:

Montauk Historical Postcards

From the days of pasturage at Montauk, to the Montauk Association Houses, to Carl Fisher, to Culloden Shores and onward, this collection illustrates the many styles of building architecture seen in Montauk. View collection »

Montauk Fishing Collection

Fishing of one kind or another has always been an inseparable part of Montauk. From fishing for recreation, to commercial fishing, to sport fishing, Montauk is recognized as one of the best fishing places in the nation. View collection »

Montauk Land Use and Development

From the land of the Montauk Indians to development as a vacation destination, to present day land conservation. View collection »

Montauk Maritime Collection

Since the days of the Montauk Indians, Montauk’s coastal location has played an important role in seafaring life and the history of navigation. View collection »

Montauk Military Collection

From the early days of the Life-Saving Service to Camp Hero, Montauk’s strategic location has played an important role in Military defense. View collection »

Montauk Social Life, Customs and Community Organizations

This collection highlights many of the activities and events, including parades, recreation and leisure, available at Montauk. View collection »