Library Cards

A Montauk Library Patron Card is necessary to borrow materials from the Montauk Library. You are entitled to a Montauk Library Patron card if:

  • You own property in the Montauk School District.
  • -or-  You are a year-round resident in the Montauk School district.
  • -or-  You are a member of the immediate family living at the same address of an owner of real property in the Montauk School district.
If you qualify for a Library Card-

You may apply for a library card ONLINE here


Please visit the library and bring any one of the following with you:

  1. Deed to property
  2. Property tax bill
  3. Property tax receipt
  4. Lease
  5. Driver’s license with Montauk address
  6. Car registration with Montauk address
  7. Voter registration card with Montauk address
  8. Student ID from the Montauk school
  9. Cooperative owners – Proprietary lease
  10. Condominium owners – Tax bill or Property lease

Your new library card will be issued immediately and you may begin using it at any time.


Children may receive their library card at any time, with their parent or legal guardian’s signature.  DVD’s are not borrowed on Juvenile library cards.


Residents of Suffolk County may borrow materials using their home library card.

NOTE: You must have your library card with you to borrow books or any materials from the library. If you have lost your library card, a replacement library card will be issued for a $2.00 fee