Rainy Day Lego Programs

This past Tuesday we had such heavy rainstorms that the children’s room was filled to bursting all day long! Children and parents came in to play with puzzles and games, read books, go on the computers and iPad and escape the weather.  I was so happy that we had two Lego programs planned for the afternoon – perfect timing!  Fawn from Kidz Under Construction came to the library and ran the programs: Lego Super Heroes Build for children grades 1-3 and Lego Robotics for grades 4-6.  By the time the afternoon rolled around, both classes were full, with some people on a waiting list ot get in.

Lego Super Heroes Build was the first program and our room was full of the children participating in the program and their parents.  Children worked in groups of four to build different super heroes such as the Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Batman and more! Children used their own “super powers” of listening, following directions and working as a team to complete their projects.  Fun was had by all – check out some of the photos by our super builders below!

The second Lego program was really awesome – the children made Lego projects and watched them come alive by hooking them up to the computer.  Working in groups of four, the kids built pretty intricate projects such as a ferris wheel, lion, monkey, soccer goalie and more and got to see them move around!  Children and parents alike were amazed (and sop was I)!  Here’s some phtos of the robotics program and even some videos of the finished projects!

Thanks again to Fawn and Kidz Under Construction for some awesome programs on a very rainy day! We hope she will come back soon!

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