Outdoor FUN in the SUN!

Why Your Kids Need More Free Play

A daily dose of sunshine not only makes us feel happier but also helps our bodies produce vitamin D, which keeps us healthy and strong.  Enjoy this guide to help families stay connected by exploring the great outdoors!


  • Buggy outdoor activities and a book for aspiring bug hunters!

Bug Hotel: Click here to find out how to build a hotel for bugs in your backyard.
Plan a bug scavenger hunt! The blog, Life With Moore Babies has free resources to print at home.
Use recyclable materials to make and decorate a bug house, bug catcher.



  • Do you know about seed bombs and seed paper?

Right now is the perfect time to make your own seed bombs and seed paper! Check out the sites below for info and recipes:

How to Make Seed Bombs Recipe - Red Ted Art

Hello Nature



Little Passports


  • Grow a pizza or pasta sauce

Check out, Grow Your Own Ingredients: Pasta Sauce by Cassie Liversidge with your library card for directions on how to grow your own ingredients and recipes to make delicious pasta sauce.
Title details for Pasta Sauce! by Cassie Liversidge - Available


  • Help your backyard birds build a nest!

Spring is the time of year when birds start building nest to lay eggs and raise their babies. Due to a shortage of natural resources for nesting material, you can help by providing your backyard friends with some supplies to help them build their nests.
Directions to make your own nest material holder
Birds love dog hair, horse hair and even human hair!
Nesting Material Station for Wild Birds
If you are using yarn, cut it into small pieces, less than 4 inches


  • Fun birdie picture books to borrow with your library card now:

Reading inspiration for all your bird projects.  Remember our digital library is ALWAYS open!
Title details for The Best Nest by P.D. Eastman - Available


Title details for Wings by Cheryl B. Klein - Available


Title details for Fly! by Mark Teague - Available


  • Build an upcycled fairy house

Let imaginations roam by using recycled materials and natural items from the outdoors to build fairy houses, no two will be alike!
Make a cool milk carton fairy houses with your kids!


Fairy house with a fairy sitting next to it



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