International Astronomy Day: Videos, Crafts and Snacks!

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On May 2, 2020, the Spring International Astronomy Day is celebrated. On this holiday, astronomy enthusiasts all over the world, both groups and professionals, share their knowledge about our wonderful Universe and outer space with the general public. Here are some ideas to help celebrate.
Download a free app for your phone or iPad.  A stargazing app will point out constellations in the night sky, track satellites and keep track of upcoming celestial events.  Tom’s Guide lists the best 2020 stargazing apps here and Good Housekeeping also has a list of best apps for 2020 here.
NASA’s Hubble Telescope turned 30 years old this year! Celebrate by watching a video premiering two never seen before nebulas and find out how the 30 year old Hubble Telescope is doing.


Listen to a story, read by an astronaut in space, working on the International Space Station:

Just for fun, watch this Disney Short, Space Walkies, featuring Mickey and Pluto:


After exploring and learning all about space, try one of these space themed crafts:


This super easy NASA slime recipe is the ultimate guide in how to make galaxy slime. Kids will love this DIY galaxy slime swirl they can make at home! This NASA slime will keep kids having fun all summer long learning how to make a slime galaxy! #slimerecipe #slime #summerfun #kidsactivities
Find the directions and recipe here!
Replicate the surface of planets with this preschool space craft using a unique marbled painting technique!
Find Supply List and Directions Here
Make Your Own Constellation Tubes! Free Printable Included
Supply List and Directions Here
Paint rocks as if they were shards of the night sky and make space rock fridge magnets. Beautiful out-of-the-world craft that can become a kid-made gift for Father's Day.
Directions can be found here
Worked up an appetite crafting?  Try these space themed snacks:


Outer space snack ideas for kids
Find These Space Themed Snacks Here


If you’re looking for galaxy themed recipes, you’ve come to the right spot. Here are what I consider 25 of the best Galaxy Themed Recipes around! #galaxy #recipes #desserts #myhomebasedlife | Galaxy Themed Foods | Dessert Recipes | Drink Recipes | Themed Recipes |
Find These Galaxy Themed Snacks Here


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