Homeschooling: Tips and Info for Parents

E-learning with Eye-care Monitor. Let's Get Your Child Ready!

Most parents are in uncharted territory as schools have closed and kids are doing school work from home.  However, some parents have been doing this since the beginning and are offering some help to parents that don’t know where to begin.

Today Show

 Good Housekeeping.


National Geographic

Planning apps can help structure the day for learning.




Learning Liftoff provides 10 recommended apps for homeschooling

Sites with multitude of resources:

My Connecticut Kids

Open Culture

Wide Open School (by Common Sense)

ABC News

Live Science


USA Today




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    For those interested in homeschooling their children, is a non-profit website which makes available freely accessible home learning resources, educational lessons, worksheets, activities and textbooks, all at your fingertips for easy viewing and downloading.

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