Holiday Cookie Decorating at the Montauk Library!

This past Saturday, we held a holiday cookie decorating program at the Montauk Library. So many children came that we had to run out and get extra supplies!  Everyone had a lot of fun and made some really beautiful cookies!

Every child who registered was able to create three different cookies.  The first cookies everyone decorated to look like reindeer.  We used chocolate or vanilla frosting, then used pretzels for the antlers, an m&m for the nose and either mini marshmallows or m&ms for the eyes and mouth.  The second cookie we made to look like melted snowmen! We first frosted the cookies with vanilla frosting and then used a big marshmallow for the head.  We used gel icing to draw a face on the marshmallow and then used mini chocolate chips or m&ms for the snowman’s buttons.  Finally, pull-and-peel Twizzlers were used for the snowman’s arms and scarf. 

Children had the option of adding a hat to their snowman as well, using a Reese’s peanut butter cup.  For the third cookie, everyone got to be creative and design their own using the candy and frosting provided.  Everyone took their cookies home in a festive treat box. We all had so much fun and made some yummy creations!  Check out the pictures below and see the upcoming children’s programs here.

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