Frogs, Bugs & Animals – Oh My!

On Friday, August 21st, the library was taken over by Jason and his frogs, bugs and animals!  Kids and parents came to the library to see Jason’s show and to pet all different kinds of critters. Tons of people came and fun was had by all!

Jason brought tons of different animals and insects with him, including Feathers the chicken, rabbits, chinchillas, toads, a quail, baby snakes, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, a bearded dragon, lizards, a tarantula, hissing cockroaches, frogs, a tortoise, worms, mice, hermit crabs and more!

Jason and Feathers led the audience in the chicken dance and Jason’s cow got a little crazy and sprayed everyone with milk!  Thanks to Jason and his animals for coming out to see us and for doing such a great program! They did an awesome job!

Miss the show?! Check out the video here!

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