Converstation Starters: Books Celebrating Race and Ethnicity

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Libraries are here to support parents during this time of unrest and social issues around the globe.
Livebrary has compiled a list of books focusing on race and social justice for children of all ages.  Have your library card ready and click on Livebrary below:


Children - The Smithtown Library
Library card ready? Click here


Looking for additional resources?  Time Magazine published an article highlighting a teacher’s antiracism book list that went viral.
The New York Times has an extensive children’s book list about racism and protest to help start conversations with children.
An organization called, EmbraceRace focuses on providing tools and resources for parents to nurture and educate children regarding race and ethnicity.
Town and Country Magazine published a list of 30 books for parents of children and teens to help start the discussion.


While this is not an exhaustive list, it certainly can help by giving parents a spark for an organic discussion about race, racism, protests, ethnicity and equality.


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