Celebrate World Penguin Day!


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World Penguin Day is a day of awareness for these amazing creatures.  Penguins spend 75 percent of their life at sea.  They can dive to 1,850 feet, that’s over six football fields!  World Penguin Day is celebrated on April 25 because that is the date the Adelie penguins begin their northward migration in Antarctica.  Enjoy!


Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition
Visit Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition for more info about World Penguin Day!

Watch how fast these Emperor penguins can swim!


Amazing Baby Penguin Rescue!


Kansas City Zoo Live Penguin Cam



Penguins For Kids







Easy Penguin Spoon Craft
Rock Art: Penguins
penguin craft
Have fun launching cotton balls from these cute penguins!



Easy & Adorable Penguin Cupcakes | Penguin cupcakes, New birthday ...
Recipe and Directions
Recipe and Directions
Penguin Snack...easy to make, tasty to eat!
Recipe and Directions
Marshmallow & Banana Penguins © Capturing Parenthood
Recipe and Directions

EmperorPenguins Instagram - Photo and video on Instagram

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