Attention Animal Lovers!


Zoo Day – Holland Park Primary School, Essex

All you animal lovers, here are virtual tours of popular zoos and aquariums located in one spot!
Featured is Long Island’s own, Quogue Wildlife Refuge.  Check them out on Facebook, every Tuesday and Thursday at 1pm for a live stream show with animals. #qwrnaturenews

Nature News Part 1 presented by the QWR:

Image result for great horned owl
QWR Nature News Part 1: Great Horned Owl


Image result for monterey bay aquarium logo
Ten live cams, including sharks!
Image result for sandiego zoo logo
Tigers, Polar bears, monkeys and penguins!
Image result for safari live
Go on a LIVE African safari twice per day!
Image result for national marine sanctuaries logo
Immerse yourself in some of the most beautiful national marine sanctuaries!


Image result for houston zoo logo
Includes a Leafcutter ant cam!


Image result for lone pine koala sanctuary logo
Located in Brisbane, Australia


Zoo Miami – TechnoGroup
Meerkat Live Cam! Keep an eye out for the babies!


Image result for georgia aquarium logo
Georgia Aquarium, USA! Home of one of the most famous jellyfish exhibits!


Image result for ouwehand zoo logo
Polar bear cubs LIVE from the Netherlands!


Image result for australia zoo logo
The list wouldn’t be complete without the Australia Zoo, where Steve Irwin’s son, Robert, carries on his legacy!


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