Tis the Season…To Be Crafty!

This past Tuesday afternoon, the Montauk Library held a holiday craft program for kids after school.  During the “crafternoon” we made a bunch of different projects and enjoyed cookies and juice.  We made snowman ornaments, 3D tissue paper wreaths, reindeer hats and wooden ornaments. 

For the snowman ornaments, each child got a plastic ornament and filled it partially with fake snow.  After putting the top back on the ornament, they glued on eyes, nose, mouth and two pom poms for earmuffs.  Finally, a line of glue was applied to the top of the ornament and then the ornament was dipped in glitter to form the rest of the earmuffs.  This was a challenging craft to do, but everyone made really nice projects!

For the wreaths, children were given a foam wreath cut out with a sparkly bow and they then cut or ripped small pieces of different colored tissue paper, crumpled it up and glued it to the wreath.  This created a three dimensional Christmas wreath which looked really cool!

Many children also chose to decorate wooden ornaments with markers.  We had snowmen, Christmas trees, stars and other shapes and the kids used their own creativity and imagination to design and color in these ornaments.

Finally, everyone made reindeer hats (my personal favorite)!  Everyone colored in their own reindeer antlers and cut them out,  Then, they were fitted for a headband and attached the antlers to it. Don’t for get the red nose – a red nose was added to those who wanted to channel Rudolph!  These came out so great!  Check out more pictures below and see what’s happening in the children’s department next here.

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