Throwback Thursday – Share Your Treasures

For years, Kathleen Ernst has staged amazing miniature exhibits in the Montauk Library’s little display case, and we are looking for more for when the expanded library opens on Friday, February 18.

Don’t think that your fascination with driftwood or beach glass, pigs, horse or penguin figurines, train sets, floral watercolors, or children’s school portraits won’t make the cut. Past subjects or themes have included Beanie Babies, Snoopys, Legos, nesting dolls, teacups, baseball cards, roosters, costume jewelry, coins, and “bird, bees, and butterflies.”

Years ago, former Library Director Karen Rade saw Kathleen’s arrangements at a Friends of the Library fair and asked her to oversee the library’s display case. The exhibits change every month, with Kathleen arranging 10 and Bob-E Metzger arranging the other two.

“Something I would love to see for the future is small displays,” Kathleen said. “Over the years I have asked people if they would like to show their collections, and many have told me that they don’t have enough to do so.

“We have three shelves. If I have three people, I could show three mini-collections,” she said.

Contact Kathleen to feature your collection. In the meantime, enjoy some blasts from exhibits past, and happy Valentine’s Day!


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