Summer Reading Week 5: Safari Stories

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It’s time to heed the call of the wild with this week’s Safari-themed game show and craft. Plus, you’ll find out all about animal superpowers and explore your own artistic superpowers of puppetry and drawing with this week’s special guests.
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WEEK #5: Safari Stories

SHOW DAY: The Sofa Safari Game Show 

What animal eats upside down? Can you pronk like a springbok? What animals never fart? These questions and more will be answered during Sofa Safari, the interactive game show that takes you on a safari without leaving your sofa! 

CRAFT DAY: Flashlight Safari 

A zip lock bag, black and white construction paper, and permanent markers are all that’s needed to make this project that’s part craft and part optical illusion. 

ILLUSTRATOR DAY: David DePasquale 

Illustrator David DePasquale will share his debut picture book A Wisdom of Wombats about the wonderful words we use to describe groups of animals. David is also the lead character designer on Arlo the Alligator Boy, a new Netflix movie available now! Grab a pencil and paper because David will teach you how to draw Arlo! 

MASHUP DAY:  A virtual visit with Jim Hammond, puppet master from THE LION KING.

Get ready for a roaring good time when Jim shares teaches us the five steps to becoming a fantastic puppeteer. Then you’ll learn how to make your own “hand puppet.”

GUEST DAY: Teachers of Nature

Every animal needs a superpower to survive. Cheetahs have speed, chameleons have camouflage and birds have flight. Meet real live animal superheroes in this “wild” program.

Materials and Directions for Crafts:

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