Summer Reading Saturday Special

Summer Reading Challenge 2020 - Dexter District Library


This Summer Reading Saturday Special is Bilingual Storytime with Mary Jane. Listen as Mary Jane reads a classic Spanish nursery rhyme, Los Pollitos by Susie Jaramillo.
The book tells the story of three little chickies and their mother hen, and serves as a metaphor for the demanding nature of babies and the unconditional love, care, and warmth given to them by their mommies.
Then, sing Los Pollitos!  One of the most famous Spanish nursery rhymes. This song is about the times that little chicks peep, which is the sound “Pio, pio, Pio!” and how their mommy takes care of them. Sing to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. 

Susie Jaramillo is co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Encantos Media Studios, and is also the creator of Encantos’ first brand: Canticos, a bilingual baby and toddler brand inspired by Latino nursery rhymes. For more information visit:



Those signed up for the Summer Reading Program on ReadSquared, don’t forget to enter the secret code, Chickie for an extra 200 points towards the program completion!


Los pollitos dicen
Pio Pio Pio
Cuando tienen hambre
Cuando tienen frío
La gallina busca
El maíz y el trigo
Les da la comida
y les presta abrigo
Bajo sus dos alas
Duermen los pollitos
Hasta el otro día
Cuando se despiertan
Dicen mamacita
Tengo mucha hambre
Dame lombricitas


The chicks say
pio pio pio
When they are hungry
When they are cold
The hen looks for
the corn and the wheat
gives them the food
and gives them shelter
Under her two wings
The chicks sleep
Until next day
When they wake up
They say mommy
I am very hungry
Give me little worms

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