Summer Reading Club 2017 Kickoff: Build A Better World!

The Montauk Library’s Summer Reading Club kickoff weekend was great and our summer reading club is ongoing! This year there are even more raffles, prize bundles, events and fun! I hope that you will join us for upcoming events and for the summer reading club!

This year’s reading club theme is “Build a Better World,” and for the two summer reading kickoff events, I challenged children to “build a better cupcake” and taught them about animals and animal conservation with the Quogue Wildlife Refuge! I also hope to promote building a better world for everyone, through reading.  

Our first kickoff event was held on June 23 and it was sweet – literally! Children got to decorate two summer-themed cupcakes with me.  For the second half of the program, I held a cupcake decorating contest, where children used their imaginations and the available ingredients, to design and build their own cupcake creation.  I then chose several winners from each of the two sessions and they won a chance to spin our prize wheel and win a prize or more raffle tickets for our summer reading club.  Everyone received certificates of participation as well!  The kids did an awesome job decorating and really exceeded my expectations! Everyone had a great time and we got lots of sign ups for the summer reading club!

Our second event of our Summer Reading Kickoff weekend was the Birds of Prey program with the Quogue Wildlife Refuge.  Cara from the refuge brought her owl friends to the library, including Hooter the horned owl, and spoke about different kinds of birds of prey, native Long Island birds of prey and also spoke specifically about her feathered guests.  She brought two screech owls, a horned owl and a beautiful barn owl with her.  She explained that the refuge helps animals that are injured or that can no longer live on their own in the wild, such as the barn owl, who had lost a wing in a car accident, or the horned owl, who had been kept as a domestic pet.  Cara also talked about the habitats, eating habits and special characteristics of each bird that she brought with her.  We had not only children, but quite a few adults (without children) that were interested and attended as well! It was a wonderful program, and we encourage you to visit the Quogue Animal Refuge if you can! Check out their website here.


The Montauk Library’s Summer Reading Club is now officially in full swing! If you missed our summer reading kickoff, don’t worry! We still have lots of awesome programs happening in July and August, and the Quogue Wildlife Refuge is coming back in August for their Creatures of the Night program!  Check out our upcoming children’s and teen programs hereYou can also still join our Summer Reading Club! This year we have even more raffles, prize bundles, events and fun! We hope you will join us and read to win!

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