Quogue Wildlife Refuge Animals Visit Montauk Library!

Today, we finally had our long awaited Meet the Animals program presented by the Quogue Wildlife Refuge! We originally had this program scheduled for January 7th, but it had to be rescheduled due to a snow storm.  After a long wait, we were so excited to finally meet the animals today!

Mr. Tony from the Quogue Wildlife Refuge brought a lot of different animal friends with him, including a snake, a box turtle, a hissing cockroach, a chinchilla, a bearded dragon and finally a great horned owl! Before introducing the animals, Mr Tony talked about the Quogue Wildlife refuge and some of the animals they have there that didn’t come to our library.  He also talked about the work they do at the refuge and the fun programs they run.  He then took each of the animal visitors nout of their cages one at a time and talked about them; their eating habits, natural habitats, special traits they have and more! Children and parents were allowed to pet most of the animals and also learned a lot about the Quogue Refuge itself, animal conservation and how to properly treat and pet animals.  This was such an informative, interesting and fun program! Children were so excited to pet the animals and asked a lot of questions – and answered some as well!  Check out the pictures below! What was your favorite animal? Mine was Hooter the owl – so cute!

For more information about the Quogue Wildlife Refuge, their events and animals, visit their website here.  We hope to have the Quogue Wildlife Refuge animals back for future events at the library! To see some of our upcoming programs, click here! Thanks to the refuge for bringing their animals for a visit today!

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