New Year – New Space! Check Out the Changes in the Children’s Room!

It’s a new year and there are big changes happening in the children’s area at the Montauk Library! We decided to switch things up and moved some shelves in the children’s room to make the space more open and airy.  This allows for more room to play, color and explore.  With the increased space we’ve added some fun new toys such as a full kitchen set, play food, pots, pans, cars, trucks, a magnetic board with shapes, puppets, a puppet show theater, and more!  For our little artists we added new butcher block paper and new crayons. 

There’s also something for parents too – we’ve added some adult-sized chairs and a parents’ collection to browse while children are playing, learning and exploring.  We hope you like what we’ve done with the space – we are still adding things everyday! Stop by and experience our new space for yourself today!

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