Montauk Library Historic Archives

The Montauk Library archive collection, spanning from the 1880s – present, includes photographs and slides, artifacts, film, maps, scrapbooks, albums, journals, reports, postcards, programs, guide books, yearbooks, microfilm, telegrams, certificates, minutes, East Hampton Town trustee records, out of print books, Montauk Beach Development Corporation ephemera, a collection of 1898 weeklies covering Camp Wikoff and large selection of audio and video tapes containing interviews with members of Montauk’s early families.

Historical material is available to researchers, educators, teachers and students. Anyone who is interested in the history of Montauk can visit the Archive Room at the Montauk Library and make use of the materials kept there.

The Archive Room is climate controlled with heating, air conditioning and humidifiers designed to provide optimum preservation conditions for valuable and historical records thereby safeguarding the distinctive historical traditions of our community and caring for Montauk’s unique history.

We have been collecting written material, photographs, artifacts, film, maps, scrapbooks, journals, reports, slides, postcards, programs, guide books, microfilm, telegrams, certificates, anything related to the history of Montauk, most of which is donated by members of the community. The Montauk Library’s Archive Room has the following materials available to the public: historical books on Montauk, East Hampton and Long Island, comprehensive plans, environmental impact studies, local cookbooks, East Hampton Trustee records, history and archaeology of the Montauk Indians, information on Camp Hero and Shadmoor, back issues of the Montauk Light and Long Island Forum, historical preservation reports and zoning studies. We also have been interviewing Montauk’s longtime residents and recording their memories of times past. These interviews along with other materials such as historical Montauk film from the 1920s – 1960s will be available to many generations to come.

Guide to Montauk Library Archive collection:

Photograph and slide collection

Includes photographs, film negatives and postcards of people, places and events relating to Montauk. Units of the collection include: 

  • Carleton Kelsey collection
  • Richard T. Gilmartin collection
  • Dave Edwardes collection
  • Ray Smith collection
  • Al Holden collection
  • Various Montauk family collections

Map collection

Consists largely of maps of Montauk and East Hampton town. Also includes reproduction of field map of Camp Wikoff, Hither Hills Mirror Development, Montauk Beach Development, Fort Pond Bay fishing village map, Soundview Estates and Oceanside-at-Montauk. Units of the collection include:

  • William Walsh collection
  • Linda B. Hicks collection
  • Richard T. Gilmartin collection

Vertical File

Organized by subject contains newspaper clippings, documents and other materials relating to Montauk.


Various subjects include Montauk, East Hampton, Long Island, cookbooks, fishing, marine sciences, natural sciences, celebrities & biographies and a collection of out-of-print books.

Documents, Journals, Minutes

Handwritten and typewritten materials relating to Montauk’s history includes civic groups, individuals and organizations.


  • Long Island Forum 1955-1987
  • Montauk Light 1984-1986

Audio and Video Tapes, CDs, DVDs

Includes a selection of Oral History interviews conducted with members of Montauk’s founding families, a collection of Montauk home movies 1920s-1960s , and Montauk Historical Society audiotape interviews conducted from 1968-1978.




1995 video interviews

Gus Pitts
Clara Palma
Vinnie Grimes
Margot MacDonald Bachman
Elizabeth Joyce Job
Emma Webb
Richard and Emma Webb, Ellen Johns
Stanley Miller and Hazel Miller McGuirk
Ed Pospisil
Frank Tuma
Mary Smith Fullerton
Edna Sorenson Biase
Eugene Beckwith
Lena Greenwald and Mary Stannard
Perry B. Duryea, Jr.
1938 Hurricane 50 years later

1980s audio interviews

Ellen Pilbro Johns
Leonard McDonald
Bob Fisher
Roberta Gosman Donavan
John Steck
Perry B. Duryea, Jr.
Remembering the 1938 Hurricane
Libby Lane
Mrs. Alfandri
Paul Driscoll (Lighthouse)
Gus and Hattie Pitts
Georgina Reid, John Himberger
Al Holden
George Sears
Harry Bruno

Ralph Pitts, Frank Tuma and Gus Pitts (interviewed
by Bill Akin, 1993 at the Tipperary)

1996 -1997

Francis McDonald Ecker
Mary Gosman
Eugene Beckwith
Ruth White
Elizabeth Joyce Job
Mary Smith Fullerton
Stanley Miller and Hazel Miller McGuirk

2000 – 2005 interviews

John Pfund
Marge Bellefountaine
Clancy Pitts
The McDonald sisters, Eva Collins,
Fran Ecker and Selena Seitz
Bob and Sibyl Tuma
Ellen Johns
Craig Tuthill
Susan Crowley and Joanne Morse
Mary Fullerton and Libby Lane
Kay Maxwell and Dorothy Ammon
Tim Gilmartin and Barbara Sullivan
Elizabeth Job
Bob Byrnes
Ed Ecker
Frank and Bobbie Borth
Teresa Harrington
Frank Dickinson
Peggy Joyce
Gus Pitts
Ed Pospisil
Virgil Conway
Ann and Dan Vasti
Frank and Marion Tuma
John Ecker
Rita Carroll
Roberta Gosman Donavan
Owen Clancy
Elizabeth “Betty” Duryea
Blanche Riley and Ellie Prado
Vinnie Grimes
Perry B. Duryea, Jr.
Margaret Potts
Pierre Schoneheimer
Jennie Martell
Carleton Kelsey
Jim Sullivan
James “Buddy” Burke
Emily Burke Cullum

George Knoblach
Kathryn Abbe
Mead Sisters, Pat Smyth, Dolly Bistrian,
Nancy Neff, Judy Ceslow
Harold “Herb” Herbert
Fred Houseknecht
Edward ORR
Stuart Bennett Vorphal
Fishermen’s Roundtable
Montauk community Church 75th Anniversary

Montauk Historical Society audio interviews

Hilda Tuma, Vivian and Carl Darenberg 10/25/1976
Jeannette Edwards Rattray 9/21/1968
Leonard Mcdonald by Ellis Tuthill on bay trap fishing 11/13/1976
Edgar Grimes by Ellis Tuthill 11/6/1976
Edna Steck 4/11/1978
Harry A. Bruno 8/13/1973
Hurricane of 1938 memories
Vivian Tuma by Margaret Potts 12/7/1977
Eugene Beckwith, Sr. 1969


Objects relating to Carl Fisher and the Montauk Beach Development Corporation, Deep Hollow Ranch and World War One Red Cross uniforms.

Non-circulating Local Interest Videos In The Archive Room

  • 1938 hurricane 50 years later
  • Montauk Library – old and new 11/24/1991
  • 1985 AARP forum on incorporation of Montauk
  • Willie Biase home movies, 1960s
  • American Dream Show with Suzanne Gosman
  • St. Patrick’s Day parade 3/18/1990
  • Deep Hollow Ranch promo video
  • Montauk Community Church 75th anniversary
  • Osborne family home movies, Montauk 1930s
  • Rights of Man show 1930s, 40s home movies, Montauk Vorpahl/Bengston family
  • Rights of Man show Shipwrecks of Montauk
  • John Kelsey home movies 1950s, 60s navy road footage
  • Suzanne Gosman on Bill Flemming show talking about the new library 10/17/1986
  • Prado family home movies, 1950s
  • Montauk Library dedication
  • Young Universe show #43 “Montauk fisherman”
  • Brian Rade with cousin Richard Rade
  • Montauk Library dedication of the meeting room 6/13/1999
  • Montauk Historical Society 1920s film
  • Oral history interviews conducted with longtime Montauk residents
  • Akin family home movies, 1950s