Margaret Potts to be inducted into Aviation Museum’s Hall of Honor

Montauker Margaret Potts to be inducted into Aviation Museum’s Hall of Honor this weekend.  Watch live Saturday, 10/9 at 11AM Eastern Time here!
Montauker and WWII Army Air Veteran Margaret Potts will be inducted into Urbana, Ohio’s Champaign Aviation Museum Hall of Honor on Saturday, October 9, 2021, by her former flying student Patrick Hreachmack.  Hreachmack’s father was stationed at Camp Hero during the 1960s when the teenager received flying instruction from Potts, whose rigorous training almost 50 years ago still commands respect by this Ohio  pilot.  As Hreachmack recalled in an email to the Montauk Library, “I flew to Long Island MacArthur Airport for my FAA flight exam in 1963, and when the FAA inspector first looked thru my logbook, he said something like ‘Margaret taught you? You’ll be fine!’  And I was.  At the end of my flight exam, he asked me to say hello to Margaret, which I did.” 
Potts, who flew during WWII, was instrumental in inaugurating the Eastern Long Island Chapter of the 99ers (The International Organization of Women Pilots), becoming its Chairman in 1961.  She operated a seaplane business out of Montauk for many years afterward, assisting her fishing boat captain husband George Potts by spotting schools of tuna, etc., from the air.  Margaret will be memorialized by Hreachmack in the 7th Annual Remembrance Day Ceremony honoring WWII Army Air Corps and Army Air Force Veterans at the Champaign Aviation Museum at 11 a.m. on Saturday morning.  The Aviation Museum in Urbana, OH is noteworthy for its dedication to World War II aviation history, including the current building of a new B-17G with the cooperation of Boeing Aircraft.  Visit to learn more about the museum’s projects, and click here for the event’s live stream link:  The presentation by Hreachmack on Saturday will be recorded, and uploaded to this site afterward.  

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