It’s National Virtual Vacation Day!

Established in 2016, National Virtual Vacation Day allows you to visit anywhere in the world without leaving your couch. No need to worry about missed flights, crowded airports or hotels that don’t meet expectations, and it is a lot cheaper!

Rick Steves, Europe travel guru, has his own website called,  Rick Steves Classroom Europe. Virtual Vacation to Europe and learn all about the various cultures, scenery and wonderful people.

Travel to Times Square in NYC here. This might be only time you see Times Square with almost no people!

Click here to visit the Great Wall of China and here to visit the majestic Buckingham Palace.

The only thing you won’t experience on this vibrant tour of Machu Picchu is the breeze on your face!

Take a tour of France and while you are there be sure to visit the world’s oldest art gallery!  The drawings are over 36,000 years old and can be found in Chauvet Cave located in southern France.


Take a Walk in the Park Day – National and International Days 2020

Today also happens to be National Take a Walk in the Park Day.  Click on the National Parks below for beautiful and immersive scenic tours led by Park Rangers. Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico - Geometric ...
Carlsbad Caverns National Park- New Mexico
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Poster – hikeanddraw
Volcanos National Park- Hawaii
Kenai Fjords National Park | Anderson Design Group
Kenai Fjords National Park- Alaska
Dry Tortugas National Park
Dry Tortugas National Park- Florida
Claire Hummel on Twitter: "my @BryceCanyonNPS poster for ...
Bryce Canyon National Park- Utah


If you are out walking in any of the beautiful east end parks today, please be sure to adhere to social distancing!


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