#FlashbackFriday: I Am Thankful For…Cupcakes!

This Friday I am flashing back to some of our fun Thanksgiving programs! Can you believe that Thanksgiving was only two weeks ago?! The holiday season is flying by!  Right before Thanksgiving, the library hosted two programs that were my favorites of the month: the “I Am Thankful For…” craft program and the Thanksgiving Cupcake decorating program. 

At the I Am Thankful For craft program, children made turkeys out of paper towel rolls, construction paper and pipe cleaners.  They wrote the five things they were thankful for on the turkey’s feathers.  They also made cornucopias out of construction paper and colored in the details of it with markers.  Finally, each child wrote what they were most thankful for on a leaf and placed it on the thankful tree on the wall in the children’s room. Some of the things the children were thankful for were their parents, family, teachers and friends.  Everyone did a beautiful job with their crafts and were very creative!

The Thanksgiving Cupcake program was so much fun!  We decorated cupcakes to look like turkeys and pilgrim hats.  Each child also got to use their imagination to decorate a cupcake however they liked.  I was so impressed by everyone that took this class, they listened so well and were so talented! They created some truly artistic and deliciously festive cupcakes!  For more of our upcoming programs, click here!

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