Fabulous February Programs in the Children’s Department!

The Montauk Library children’s department had many wonderful programs during the month of February, and it was hard for me to pick just one favorite…so I picked two! I really loved our lip gloss program as well as our Valentine’s Day Pre-K Dance & Play; both were super fun and wonderful ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

One of the real stand out programs for me was our DIY Lip Gloss and Cotton Candy Scrub program.  We had programmer Theresa Maritato back this month to host this event, just in time for Valentine’s Day.  Geared towards tweens and early teens (ages 8 and up), participants worked in small groups to make their own lip glosses. Unlike the lip gloss on store shelves, this homemade version is organic, all natural, and contains only four ingredients!  Those in attendance worked together to measure out and combine the ingredients to make the gloss.  Then, with the help of Ms. Maritato, the mixture was heated up, poured into molds and set aside to cool.  While waiting for the lip gloss to set, everyone made homemade cotton candy scrub using sugar, natural food coloring and drop or two of fragrance.  Participants also decorated their lip gloss tubes and scrub containers with stickers.  The resulting products were amazing and everyone had a really fun time. I’m loving my lip gloss and use it everyday!


My other favorite program was our Valentine’s Day Pre-K Dance and Play which we have annually for young children, ages birth through five years old.  I set up a disco ball in our lower level and dimmed the lights and also had age appropriate toys around the perimeter of the dance floor for children to play with. Kidz Bop tunes were playing for an hour and children played, danced and enjoyed the disco ball!  At the end, children in attendance received a Valentine’s Day balloon to take home and some Valentine’s Day stickers.  Watching the little ones come dressed up in their Valentine’s Day best to dance and have fun was just the cutest and everyone had a great time!

February was a great month for programs, thanks to Valentine’s Day! There are some great children’s programs planned for March and April, so make sure you check them out here. We hope to see you at one of our events soon!

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