Downward Mule Author Reading & Yoga Adventure!

On Tuesday, August 15, we had a very special event for little yogis at the library! Author and children’s yoga instructor Jenna Hammond visited the library and read her new picture book Downward Mule. She also went through a fun yoga class with those in attendance!

When the children arrived, they sat in a circle to get ready for their story and yoga adventure! Ms. Hammond had the children go around in a circle passing a beach ball, saying their name and favorite activity to get everyone warmed up and comfortable with the group.  She also led the group in a yoga song, introducing them to “ohm” and deep breathing.

Then, the fun began when Jenna read aloud from her picture book, Downward Mule. Sam is a mule who is teased by the animals on the farm, however, these other animals don’t really know him.  Sam has a secret; he is a yogi! This funny and adorable mule, along with his sidekick Lila, took the children on a yoga journey, teaching them different yoga poses and how to believe in oneself and find value in oneself.  Children enjoyed the funny characters and making the animal noises with the author and loved the interactive reading experience.

The enthusiastic young yogis then warmed up and went on a yoga adventure with Ms. Hammond.  She led them through all different animal-inspired yoga poses, such as downward dog (mule), starfish, butterfly, cat, cow and much more.  The children really got into the yoga and made the animal noises along with the poses.  She ended with a song introducing “namaste” and its meaning.

After the event, Ms. Hammond stayed to interact with the young readers and signed copies of her book.  Everyone really enjoyed the program and we are so happy that Ms. Hammond was able to share her book with us! We can’t wait for her next book to come out!

If you missed the event, we recommend you check out Downward Mule today! Borrow it from the Montauk Library here or purchase it from Amazon here! Thanks again to Jenna Hammond for visiting us!


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