Celebrating Mother’s Day at the Montauk Library!

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and here at the library we had not one but TWO special programs to celebrate moms and grandmothers and all that they do! We appreciate all the moms and grandmothers out there and wanted to honor and celebrate them in our own way!

On Saturday, May 6th, we held a Mother’s Day tea program with a twist – we had iced tea and lemonade for moms, grandmothers and their children and everyone got to decorate different cookies and desserts to enjoy with their beverages.  First we made mini strawberry shortcakes using Cool Whip, fresh strawberries and dessert shells.  Children and their mothers and grandmothers filled the dessert shells with cool whip and cut up fresh strawberries to top off the dessert.  Next, we made decorated sugar cookies with a flower design.  To start, we frosted a sugar cookie lightly with either pink or chocolate frosting.  We then started making the flower design using marshmallows cut in half on a diagonal.  Children then dipped the sticky side of the marshmallow in pink sprinkles and arranged them in a circle on top of the cookie, creating the “petals” of the flower.  Finally, everyone placed a gum drop in the middle of the flower, creating the flower’s center which connected all the petals.  Finally, children were able to make a cookie design of their own creation using the ingredients we had.  Everyone did an awesome job and had a lot of fun decorating (and eating) their cookies! Check out the pictures below!

The second event we held for children in celebration of moms was our Krafty Kids: Mother’s Day Crafts.  Children made cards and gifts for their mothers and grandmothers that they could give to them on Mother’s Day.  First, children designed and painted terra cotta flowerpots which we later planted flowers in.  Then, kids painted rocks for their mom’s gardens or as keepsakes.  Finally, children made their own greeting cards for their moms and grandmas using colored paper, jewels, feathers and glitter glue.  Everyone made some really beautiful cards and gifts to give to their moms and grandmas on Mother’s Day!  See what they made below!

To see a list of our upcoming programs, click here! Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Montauk moms and grandmas and to all of the moms and grandmas out there! We love and appreciate you! Thank you for always taking your children to the library and for all that you do!

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