Apple Pies at the Library!

On Saturday, November 7th, the Baking Coach came to the Montauk Library to help families make apple pies together.  She showed everyone how to make apple pie from scratch, having them first peel and cut the apples.  Next, everyone worked together to mix the ingredients for the dough and roll it out in order to make the pie crust.  After filling the pie crust with the cut apples, cinnamon and sugar, families rolled out the dough one more time to put the finishing touches on the top pie crust and got creative with the pie’s design.  Everyone got to take home their apple pie to bake and enjoy and also got to take home the recipe!

This program was so much fun and came just in time for Thanksgiving and apple season! A big thanks to the Baking Coach for all of her instruction and assistance and to the Friends of the Montauk Library for helping us offer the program!

Check out the pictures and pies below!

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