A Perfect Afternoon with Petra’s Puppets!

Last week, Steve Petra from Petra’s Puppets visited the Montauk Library to perform his Calling All Heroes show for children and parents.  He brought his friends Ultra Duck, Eric the Super Sheep, Granny Pterodactyl and the villainous Gorgonzilla along with him and they all put on a fantastic show for everyone in attendance!

Steve did a lot of magic tricks…

And Ultra Duck ate a lot of raviolis!

Eric the Super Sheep showed us how strong he was…

And Baby Gouda morphed into the villainous Gorgonzilla before our eyes!
Some of the audience members even got to show that they were super heroes too!
After the entertainment, Steve and Ultra Duck took pictures with the children. Thanks again to Steve for an afternoon of humor, magic, puppets and fun! We hope he comes back to visit again soon!

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