A Look Back at Halloween 2016 at the Library!

I can’t believe it’s November already – the month of October flew by!  I wanted to take a look back at October and all of the awesome programs we had for Halloween! We decorated cupcakes, t-shirts and pumpkins for this spooky and fun holiday!

Halloween Cupcake Decorating…

On Saturday, October 15th we had two sessions of our Halloween cupcake decorating program.  Children decorated three cupcakes with different designs and took them home in a Halloween treat box.  The Halloween cupcakes included a black cat, a pumpkin patch and a design-your-own monster.  Everyone got creative with their designs, especially when it came to the monster cupcakes and did a great job!

Halloween Blacklight T-shirt Painting…

On Saturday, October 22nd we had the Science Wizard visit the library to paint glow-in-the-dark t-shirts with the children of Montauk.  The Science Wizard showed how the colors in the paint glowed when the lights were turned off and black lights were turned on.  Children used stencils and glow-in-the-dark paint to decorate t-shirts for Halloween.  The best part about this program was that children created their t-shirts with the lights out…spooky! Check it out below!

Pumpkin Decorating…

To wrap up October, the children’s department held their 2nd annual pumpkin decorating program! Children of all ages attended and received their own pumpkin to decorate with paint, stickers and silly faces,all while eating Halloween-themed snacks! Children got to keep their pumpkin and put it on display for Halloween.  We had two sessions of this program and children got really creative with their designs! Everyone did an awesome job!


October may be over, but there are a lot of fun Thanksgiving programs coming up for November! Check them out here and stay tuned for more fun from the Montauk Library children’s room!

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