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Throwback Thursday – Back to School

Throwback Thursday – Back to School

Did that gentle little boy grow up to be a veterinarian? Did that earnest little girl go on to become a broadcast journalist? We don’t know, but in all likelihood some of the children in these photos – taken by Peggy Joyce in, we believe, the early 1960s, today are the grandparents of Montauk School… Read more »

Throwback Thursday- Montauk School Hats

This photograph, which probably dates from the early 1960s, was taken by Margaret (Peg) Joyce, a teacher at the Montauk School. The fabulous headgear designed by her students utilized paper cups, cardboard, and other paper throwaways.  The extremes of these innovative headpieces distantly recall traditional or “folk” headwear, discoverable on historic-costume sites that make us… Read more »

Throwback Thursday- 8th Grade Graduation

     From the collection of Celina McDonald Seitz we get this picture taken right after her 8th-grade graduation from the Montauk School, standing alongside her schoolmates Maria Grimes Short and Joyce Miller Talley. It’s an important day. The girls are dressed up, holding their diplomas tied with ribbons.      When an archives receives… Read more »

Fallback Friday- Montauk Public School Construction

     The Photographic Records of Progress maintained by Fisher’s Montauk Beach Development Corporation document the construction of the Manor, Surf Club, and Shepherd’s Neck homes. These meticulously maintained architectural records — donated to the Archives by Frank Tuma — reveal how the local community was transformed by the Montauk Beach Development Company’s ambitious construction… Read more »