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Throwback Thursday – Now Screening

Did you know that Montauk’s first St. Patrick’s Day “parade” took place in 1947, years before the Montauk Friends of Erin was founded? On St. Patrick’s Day 76 years ago, four men decided to take a march down Main Street. They came to rest at what today is Shagwong Tavern (thus initiating a traditional pit… Read more »

Throwback Thursday – Deep Hollow Ranch

Hardly a month had passed after the ’38 Hurricane when the East Hampton Star reported that Third House in Montauk, historically an inn, had been sold to William Bell and Frank Dickinson, who planned to start a dude ranch.   “The house will be restored completely … The Montauk Beach Company has made an informal… Read more »

Throwback Thursday – Cattle drive photographer uncovered!

“A herd hits trail out Montauk way,” May 6, 1955 Photography by Times photographer Patrick A. Burns Scanned New York Times clipping Craig Tuthill Collection Montauk Library Archives Cattle drives are part of the collective memory of people who live in Montauk.  For over 300 years, cattle and sheep fed off the moors, shearing the landscape into smooth mounds… Read more »

Throwback Thursday – Cattle Drives

No, these cowpokes aren’t headed to the Surf Lodge. They’re hot to trot to Deep Hollow Ranch instead  ̶  after meeting up with some ­livestock about to arrive on the Long Island Rail Road. Cattle drives were an enduring part of Montauk’s history starting in the 17th century. Its grazing pastures were used to bulk up… Read more »

Throwback Thursday- Horse Rescue

Herb Herbert donated this photograph of the Montauk Fire Department rescuing a horse trapped in the ice near Deep Hollow Ranch.  Fireman Tom Grenci reports that the rescue was successful, and that the horse survived after walking out onto the frozen surface of the lake and falling in. Most Montaukers are pet-passionate and care deeply… Read more »