Thomas Maier, award-winning author, television producer, and Newsday investigative reporter and editorial columnist, will present his new murder mystery, MONTAUK TO MANHATTAN: AN AMERICAN NOVEL, a story of murder, greed, fame, sex, ambition, and political passions —all rolled into one.  Set in 2016, the main character, Jack Dendon, is happy that an adaptation of his novel—based on historical events in the 1880s relating to the misappropriation of Montaukett lands by a loud, greedy tycoon—is being produced as a TV series. As part of his job as a journalist, however, he has been assigned to cover the political rise of Donald Trump. As he shuttles back and forth between the newsroom in Manhattan and the production in Montauk, Denton becomes a suspect in the disappearance of a young actress.  

Thomas Maier, an author of seven books, was a producer for both the Emmy-winning drama “Masters of Sex”  (Showtime) and the upcoming docuseries, “Mafia Spies,” (Paramount+) both of which are adapted from his work. His newly updated book, MAFIA SPIES, is the TV tie-in for the series about two gangsters who were hired by the CIA during the Cold War to kill Fidel Castro.  (AIRING on Paramount+ June 2024.)

At Newsday, Maier twice won the National Society of Professional Journalists’ top prize and several honors for his investigative reporting, including a 2019 New York Emmy. He currently serves on the paper’s editorial board as a columnist. In 2022, he won the Columbia University Journalism School’s Alumni Award for career achievement. He has appeared twice on the Today show and Morning Joe, as well as 20/20, CBS Evening News, Hardball, CNN, and NPR’s Fresh Air.

Where & When

Montauk Library Community Room
871 MONTAUK HWY MONTAUK New York 11954