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PlayFit with Miss Rachel: YOGA Friday!

    Thank you for joining Montauk Library, PlayFit with Miss Rachel. Today, you will listen to the story, I Am Yoga by Susan Verde. Then, follow along with Miss Rachel to do yoga poses described in the story. Remember to keep your water near by and hydrate!

Summer Reading Saturday Special

  This Summer Reading Saturday Special is Bilingual Storytime with Mary Jane. Listen as Mary Jane reads a classic Spanish nursery rhyme, Los Pollitos by Susie Jaramillo. The book tells the story of three little chickies and their mother hen, and serves as a metaphor for the demanding nature of babies and the unconditional love,… Read more »

Bilingual Storytime with Mary Jane

      Thank you for joining Montauk Library, Bilingual Storytime with Mary Jane. Today Mary Jane will be reading, Ratoncitos (Little Mice) by Susie Jaramillo. The book tells the story of five playful mice on a mission: to find and eat as much cheese as they possibly can before they get caught by the… Read more »

Montauk Library Storytime!

  Welcome to Montauk Library, Tuesday Storytime! Listen as Lonna reads, Sea Tiger by Victoria Turnbull by the sea in Montauk! The Sea Tiger is Oscar’s best friend, Oscar’s only friend. They do everything together — explore the ocean, visit the sea circus, even hitch a ride to the surface to look at the stars…… Read more »

Hometown Heroes Storytime

  Thank you for joining Montauk Library Hometown Heroes Storytime. This week we are featuring a very special guest: East Hampton Town Police Officer, Jessie Stavola. A huge “Thank you” to the police officers that keep our communities safe and thank you, Officer Stavola! Remember to support your local law enforcement agencies.      

Summer Reading Saturday Special

  Thank you for joining the Montauk Library, Summer Reading Saturday Special.  Today, Theresa will be showing you how to create your own beach scene using rocks and pebbles from your backyard or the beach to make turtles and other unique designs. Don’t forget to go to ReadSquared after the video and use the secret… Read more »

Tuesday Storytime!

  Thank you for joining the Montauk Library Tuesday Storytime. Listen to the story, I Really Like Slop! by Mo Willems, read by Linda Delalla, Library Assistant.   Piggie really likes slop.  REALLY likes slop! She wants Gerald to try her favorite food.  Will Gerald be brave enough to try something he is sure he… Read more »